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The essence of life is Joy. What separates us from that Joy is our own attitude, our thoughts and also the past experiences which have left their mark in many layers in us. I am open to this deep Joy and…

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Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a hundreds of years old Indian philosophical tradition based on the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.

Nowadays the best known part of Ashtanga yoga is the asana practice even it has a little to do with the spiritual yoga. Its importance is in the purification of the body from toxins and tensions. When the body is healthy, the mind becomes one-pointed. When the mind is one-pointed, the energy in the body finds the balance too.

Sacral Yoga

Sacral yoga is a physical and spiritual method of self-understanding and well-being.

The sacrality is the essence of the method. Our spiritual and sacred (sacral) center is the heart. The center of physical body is the spine and its most important organizer is the sacrum (sacral) bone.

Through these two centers we connect to the source of life physically and spiritually via different practices. When the connection is alive it’s maintained and strengthened with the same practices.

Intelligent Body

Intuitive mind

Ignited heart

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Niyamat ojennukseet – Opas henkiseen āsanaharjoitteluun

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