This group is for all women interested in achieving the following:

♀︎ Experiencing a deep sense of presence within themselves
♀︎ Exploring and gaining a better understanding of their femininity
♀︎ Enhancing their self-worth and cultivating a positive sense of self

Embrace the forthcoming December, where an exquisite women’s group shall convene amidst the enchanting realm of Hyvän Olon Joogakeskus Yoga Center in Finland. In these gatherings, a splendid voyage awaits igniting the flame of authenticity, courage, and the yearning to share profound aspects of woman’s life with kindred spirits. You’ll learn to enjoy being in the spotlight of our own life.

Join us, dear seeker, as we embark on a transformative odyssey together. We will explore the serenity through yoga, the authenticity through dance and we will witness the profound wisdom arise in the nurturing atmosphere of the women’s circle.

All this crafted under the skilled guidance of two luminous souls. Anne and Pirita are devoted yoga practitioners. Their dance is infused with boundless passion and Shakti. Your sacred feminine will be highly supported and the essence of your life uplifted in the graceful presence of these yoginis


Anne and Pirita

We have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of holistic wellbeing for decades already. An integral part of our journey has been a sensitive, attentive, and dedicated asana practice, which we have found to be crucial in cultivating and sustaining self-discipline, as well as establishing clear boundaries.

Dance occupies a central place in our hearts and our whole being as women. It has enabled us to immerse ourselves in a powerful femininity and into deep sexuality. In addition to our asana practice, dance serves as a means for us to explore the interplay between feminine and masculine energies within ourselves, allowing us to embody both energies in a harmonious, creative, and balanced manner.

The practice of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy has bestowed upon us the capacity to engage in soulful listening both within ourselves and others on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels. The study of this tradition has cultivated our state of presence, so that it naturally supports others to get grounded, to find peace of mind as well as to discover their inner resources.

Our mission is to gracefully enable the sacred feminine essence within every woman to bloom and flourish. As we release the burdens of shame and stress, a profound understanding of oneself emerges accompanied by an elevated sense of self-worth. This transformation is made possible within a sanctuary of safety and nurturing atmosphere where women come together to uplift and nurture one another. Through this course, we aspire to elevate sisterhood to new heights, fostering connections that will resonate with each participant for a lifetime.



1. People pleasing

The tendency to prioritize pleasing others and living life according to external expectations is related to the fear of being rejected.

In this group you will let go of self-depreciation and the constant concern about meeting others’ expectations.

By valuing your real feelings and deepest desires and by loving yourself uncompromisingly, you will naturally make choices that better serve your own growth and well-being.

2. Maturity in communication

When your foundation is genuine and you have depth to reach to within yourself, your communication skills improve and your self-expression naturally becomes rich, creative and graceful.

Gradually you’ll find a connection to your unspoken side and you will be able to bring it forth. You will reprogram yourself so that you can truly be who you are and flourish!

3. Poise and self-expression

You give time and space to your own voice by listening to yourself, to your individual rhythm, to your way of verbalizing your thoughts. It’s your birth-right to radiate your own light and your responsibility to hold onto it.


4. Rooted presence in the body

Self-worth and sexuality are intimately intertwined within our physical expression. In this group, we will explore the depths of our feminine essence using asana practice and sensual dancing as tools to deeply connect to our body and our authentic feminine power. In both dance and asana practice we will tune into our pelvic area and the life force arising from there.

5. Intrinsic self-worth

When you are freely settled in your own body, you will naturally engage in authentic interaction with the support of your feminine power. During these weekends, you will have time to carefully listen to your body and to tune into it allowing you to identify residues of past experiences. With this heightened awareness, you’ll find it easier to release these emotional residues during relaxation sessions.

6. Empowering sexuality

A healthy self-worth entails nurturing and cherishing one’s own body. Our connection with our physical selves is deeply intertwined with our innate ability to accept who we are and the relationship to our sexuality. When our pelvis is relaxed and vibrant, we are being fully alive. A person who is sexually open is receptive to all aspects of life and finds passion and excitement in life’s very essence – is turned on by life!

In the spotlight Anne and Pirita 1

In the spotlight Anne and Pirita 2

In the spotlight Anne and Pirita 3

In the spotlight Anne and Pirita 4





9.00-11.00 Asana practice
11.00-12.00 Lunch break
12.00-12.30 Led relaxation
12.30-13.00 Introduction to the theme
13.00-14.15 Women’s Circle
14.30-15.00 Deepening of the topic
15.00-15.45 Free dance
16.00-16.30 Sharing


9.00-11.00 Asana practice
11.00-12.00 Lunch break
12.00-12.30 Led relaxation
12.30-13.45 Women’s Circle
13.45-14.15 Free dance
14.15-15.15 Closure of the weekend


If you have any further questions about the group, we would be delighted to answer your questions!


Hyvän Olon Joogakeskus
Rauhankatu 3 C, 3. krs


For those coming from further afield, affordable accommodation is available in connection with the course location.
Requests from Katja:


Price: 360€/weekend
Bank account: FI46 1021 3500 0769 78
Payment reference: 2 31219
Payment receiver: Anne Nuotio

Payments are due 14 days before each gathering.


Registration by 1 November 2023.

    I agree to the course conditions:

    Upon registration, you are committing to participate in all six weekends of the course. Course fees must be paid by the specified due dates, unless the course is canceled via email before the final registration date of the 1st of November 2023.